Fran – Our Heart and Soul

Fran & Scarlett

Friendship in Villa Garcia

Students & Families of Villa Garcia

Villa Garcia Landscape

Villa Garcia

A Typical Home in Villa Garcia

Sponsor Wolf with Ruben and Adolfo

Weavers Of Hope

 A small group of Austin people, who were committed to social justice work, were asked to help a remote Mexican community that had just experienced a catastrophic flood. From those meager beginnings and extensive conversations with many of the Mexican families, Weavers of Hope was born.

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Educational Sponsorship

  • Change a Life
  • Change a Community
  • Sponsor a Student

Fair Trade

  • Help a small family business
  • Support Artisians
  • Provide the Dignity of Work


Jack Kern

Jack Kern


Filled with a passion for social justice work; seeks unity among all people.

Sr. Fran Smith

Sr. Fran Smith

Our Leader In Mexico

The heart and soul of Weavers of Hope; filled with wisdom, caring, and love.

Scarlett Shaffer

Scarlett Shaffer

Our Field Coordinator in Mexico

Brings energy, creativity, compassion, and love to all that we do.  Our students love her.

Sandra Heyl

Sandra Heyl


Our spiritual leader in Austin; filled with dedication, kindness, compassion, and love.